Marriage Dissolution & Legal Separation

The experienced, caring team at Cannon Law Office understands how stressful and complicated dissolution of marriage can be. Our firm focuses in the practice of family law, and will work with you individually to help you understand every aspect of your case, whether it be dissolution of marriage or legal separation.

Going through dissolution of marriage can be taxing for both your finances and wellbeing. When dealing with marriage disputes, it’s essential to have an attorney by your side that not only have your best interests at heart, but will work tirelessly to ensure that your rights, assets, and children are protected.

At Cannon Law Office, we understand that every dissolution of marriage is unique. Working with you individually, Heather will take the time to understand the issues that are pertinent to your legal matter and will take the necessary steps to help you get the results you want. Additionally, our team is always available to empower and educate our clients with what your legal rights and responsibilities are.

To learn more about our dissolution of marriage and legal separation representation, call us today.