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Experienced Family Law Attorney in Craig, CO

Dealing with family-related legal disputes, such as custody or legal separation can be an emotionally taxing event for all members of the family — particularly when there are children involved. The professionals at Cannon Law Office are here to help you find solutions for your legal matter with utmost discretion and compassion. While family law matters are often difficult to navigate, Heather Cannon will work with you with utmost responsiveness, personal attention, cost efficiency, and communication.

At Cannon Law Office, we understand the delicacy, sensitivity and complicated nature of family law matters. When you work with us, we will advocate for you passionately and diligently, keeping you involved in every step of the process. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, contact us today.

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Cannon Law Office can help you with a number of facets of family law, including:

Dissolution can be both emotionally and financially taxing on all parties involved. For this reason, it’s important to have a dissolution attorney on your side that has your best interests at heart. Cannon Law Office can provide you the personalized service and representation you need to see you through all aspects of your legal separation or dissolution. Learn more about our dissolution of marriage representation.

If you are seeking to expand your family through adoption services, Cannon Law Office is here to assist you. Our team will minimize the stress and complicated processes that are typically associated with adoptions and are dedicated to protecting the right of you, your family, and your child.

While every child has a biological father, this does not necessarily make this father a legal father. Paternity is crucial, as it helps to establish a child’s legal paternal guardian. When parents are not married and the terms of paternity are not clearly established, our skilled office can assist you through the legal processes of establishing paternity, whether an unmarried couple wants to acknowledge paternity or if a father chooses to file for custody/visitation rights.

For some individuals or families, pursuing guardianship is an alternative to adoption. When a parent is unable to act as a sufficient guardian for a period of time, guardianship facilitates a means of a third party adult to care for a minor and make decisions regarding their welfare. When a parent becomes ill, leaves the home, or is incapacitated, guardianships may be appropriate. Unlike adoption, guardianships can be limited to a specific amount of time and provides an opportunity for parents to appoint an individual with the rights to make legal decisions for a child without losing parental rights.

Child custody cases can be one of the most daunting and emotionally taxing legal issues a parent may ever encounter. Not only is it often an overwhelming experience, but the emotional delicacy of this legal matter can make it difficult to navigate. The experienced team at Cannon Law Office can provide you with both the representation and support you deserve, working with you to develop a realistic parenting plan, the at-times complicated details of shared custody, and the other complicated idiosyncrasies that are so often involved in the custody arena.

Whether you are in need of protection from domestic violence or need representation in result of a domestic violence accusation, the skilled team at Cannon Law Office can assist you with your pressing legal matter.